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Whether you need an interpreter for a conference, a medical procedure, or a legal transaction, Globe Communication Center has just the right professional for you.


The Globe Communication Center

Professional Language Interpreters

Language interpretation is an art; phrases and technical terms must all be translated correctly in order for the message to be coherent. Our interpreters are some of the best.

All Languages

You name the language necessary, and we will find you an interpreter. Our translation experts know multiple languages and can help interpret whatever language you need.


Interpreting Services for Every Situation


Terminology in the medical field is often difficult to translate, but extremely important to do properly. Our highly-trained professionals handle medical settings with ease.


Our professionally-trained interpreters can also assist within large settings – contact us to schedule services for events, such as conferences, meetings, and workshops.


Much like medical translation, legal interpretation requires extreme precision in carrying over meaning from one language to another. Only hire the best, expert interpreters for this.

& More…

Interpretation is an essential service for many different applications. We couldn’t possibly list every scenario here, so contact us for all of your translation and interpretation needs.


We offer interpretation services for every situation, including governmental settings. Familiar with political terms and phrases, our interpreters can help you get the job done.

Who We Are

About Us

The Globe Communication Center boasts more than twenty years of experience with interpretation and translation. This experience makes us a reputable and reliable business partner in the Atlanta area. Our team of proficient interpreters can help you with all of your linguistic and communication needs in a variety of professional settings.


Why Choose Us?


Our interpreters consider each word and phrase during a translation session, working hard to ensure the proper tone and meanings are carried over.

20+ Years Experience

When it comes to successful, meaningful translation and interpretation, real-life experience is the best training – our team has over twenty years of it.


Here at the Globe Communication Center, we want you to be satisfied with your interpreter; for this reason, we hire only the most talented professionals.

Certified Experts

Our interpreters are more than experienced professionals; our team is filled with certified, linguistic experts who know this business inside and out.

Trustworthy Interpreters

Due to the high level of on-the-job experience our interpreters have, you can trust that they are properly translating the meaning and tone of the speaker.

Give us a try...

We would love nothing more than to become your trusted resource for professional, reliable interpretation services. Contact us today to learn more!

How Can We Help?

The situations that require interpretation services are innumerable, but we’re here to help with any and all of them. Simply reach out to us with information about your needs or event, and we’ll help you make a plan.